Updated August 17 @ 8 am

Shirley Millner is back home now.

Charlene McKnight had 2 radiofrequency ablation procedures on her back last week. She's still having some discomfort from them.

Rachel Jennings...the doctor finally took her off the metformin Tuesday. Pray this solves her problems she's been dealing with for the past several years.

Marianne Reynolds has been battling a kidney stone since back in June. Finally has an appointment with a urologist Agus. 25. Mike has had a bit of a scare with some cancer cells trying to come back. They're keeping a close watch on this.

Micah Thompson now has covid. Debbie is recovering from it.

Kathy Firebaugh is seeing her cardiologist this week.

Howard Mills has a pinched disc. They're going to do an MRI.

Greg Capito had a kidney stone a week ago on his right side (which he passed) and his CT scan showed a spot on his left kidney. So he will be having a sonogram on August 24.

Janney Woods is battling shingles.

Ed Melton has 5 more bladder cancer chemo treatments each Wednesday.

Jim Barnett has had hospice called in now and is bed ridden.

Ray Shrader's nuclear test didn't show any major problems - heart is a little out of Rhythm so gave some medication for that. Still having the headaches.

Mike Martin (Steve's brother) is having a stress test Monday. Having symptoms of a possible blockage.

Gene Broyles is in Carrington Place now for rehab.

Elsie McKnight is having bad / good days.

Joe Overstreet recovering from valve replacement surgery and having trouble with lymphedema in his legs.

Diana Woods and her hardening of the heart diagnosis due to her blood pressure medications for years. They think now she has a blockage some where due to her blood pressure problems and want to do more tests.

Joe Sutliff continued health needs.

Debbie Bratton was told her upper part of her lung is more crooked than it should be and is pressing on her heart which is why she's short of breath. Setting up appointment with a cardio thoracic surgeon.

Tonya Smoot was told she has some type of restrictive lung disease. She has a video conference with a pulmonologist Sept. 13.

Jennifer Sweeney's cancer has now spread to lymph nodes in her chest. They are looking at what treatments to give now. The last one made her real sick.

Judy Sutliff (Joe's daughter-in-law) will be having chemo for ovarian cancer then a double mastectomy.

Freida Sarver is still going through lymphedema treatments and responding and seeing some improvement. She still has a way to go. They're not sure how long they can continue to wrap her legs.

Bud Sarver has a torn rotator cuff (right shoulder) and about to complete his therapy. He has 80% mobility now.

Diane McFalls is done with her chemo treatments and has started the experimental drug...takes every 6 weeks through an IV. She now has 1 1/2 years to go on this experimental drug.

Eddie McFalls is dealing with high protein in his kidneys. He's having a procedure Wednesday to see what's going on there. Too much protein can lead to early need for dialysis.

Julie Ferrell's daughter in law Erica has breast cancer and had surgery last week and is at home now and suppose to find out if they got it all or have to go back in for a total mastectomy. Also prayer for her daughter Jeanna she who's pregnant and has lost several but will be out of the first trimester after next Monday.  

Pray for individual who's fighting alcohol addiction - has battled it for many years - and pray for the spouse.