Updated January 21 @5:15 pm

Mark Bratton is in RMH...they were planning to amputate Mark's other foot this morning but have no postponed that surgery till Monday. H now has pneumonia and is on a ventilator. Very critical condition.

Sonny Widener (still in LG) had surgery Wednesday to clean out and close infected wounds from being in bed so long. He has 3 serious infected wounds.

Rita Barnett is having back surgery Monday, Jan. 24.

Mollie Washington in in rehab in Greenville, S.C. Working to get her strength back as she recovers from a very difficult week last week and faces many health issues.

EJ Washington recovering from covid and trying to figure out care for him.

Judy Barr: Please keep our families in your prayers. Both of our daughters families have COVID (Becky, Rob, Nathan and Lori. Rex, Samantha, Kyle, Jeremiah, Aurelia. The new baby doesn't have it yet and they are hoping she doesn't get it. Jason just got back to work last week from having it. Josie and Alex may getting it.

Judy Barr is home and did have a bad TIA. They are changing her medications and she will be seeing her cardiologist for further follow up.

Tonya Smoot recovering from covid and still trying to regain her strength.

Linda Parks is is now home.

Freida Sarver still waiting to hear report from doctor regarding the CT scan she had last Friday. Has an appointment Tuesday now to go over. Still battling strep throat.

Kathy Firebaugh has a series of tests and procedures upcoming. Due to her car accident recently, they have discovered she has brain tumor and will have further testing. She also has artery (iliac) stenosis and will be stented in February. And she will be having an EDG in March to look inside her esophagus due to choking she's been experiencing.

Josh Lena's family as they try to set up his dad's memorial service in Restin, Va.

Joe Sutliff had her follow-up and got a good report. Now they are working to do the same laser surgery and shots on her other leg.

Jim McGeorge is in rehab at Carilion. He can move his arms now but nothing from the waist down.

Sandra Austin’s nephew, Gary Caldwell recovering from gout and bone infection in his hand.

Pastor Kevin Cummings (Fincastle Baptist) recovering from being hit by a car and breaking his leg and knee while helping his son move in Alabama. He's had several surgeries now and a total knee replacement.