Updated September 17, 2021 7 am

John Barger is back at the Oaks and healing from his fall.

Greg Capito is doing better from his bout with covid.

Joe Sutliff is dealing with diverticulitis and colitis and they're treating her for them. Still struggling.

Gene Thompson has started his treatments for his auto immune disease. He's home and trying to recover and get his strength back.

Mollie Washington's cancer surgery went pretty well last week. She went to her doctor today and things are healing very good and her doctor is very pleased. They rebandaged her eye and goes back on Monday.

Jennifer Sweeney and her battle with cancer and treatments. She's still going through treatments every 3 weeks.

Tommy Firebaugh is making good progress and goes back to his doctor Tuesday.

Susie Shepherd is home now going through therapy. Just found out she needs a liver transplant. She's on the list with UVA.

Jessica Franciso is going to Vanderbilt around Sept. 25 for heart surgery.

Rachel Jenning's MRI was good but her CT scan showed a spot on her lung so they're going to do another CT scan to further investigate.

Paul Mundy has covid.

Team Rubicon (Randy Sink) disaster relief team in Louisiana.

Tina Hadden has another blood clot in her right arm. It seems better but may have one now in her leg.

Nick Fontana (Karen's husband) has just been diagnosed with liver cancer. He's on their liver transplant lists at John Hopkins.

Ava Rhodes is having another cleaning surgery and skin graph on Wed., Sept. 15. She still has 2 gaping holes in her ankle. Hopefully they'll take care of both on the 15th as well with more integra (shark skin).