Urgent Prayer Needs


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Updated may 27@8:15 am

Elsie McKnight fell Thursday night at the nursing home and broke her femur. They finally did surgery this afternoon and she came through that pretty good but her blood pressure went pretty high. They said they'll keep her a couple of days and then send her back to Our Lady of the Valley and she'll receive therapy there for her rehab.

Becky Lierman is having her pacemaker surgery June 6.

Johnny Richards...Becky Richards brother-in-law had emergency yesterday where they had to remove half of his esophagus which was torn. He will be in ICU for several days and have to be sedated since this will be a shock to him when they wake him. Very serious condition.

Paul Kidd is home recovering from gall bladder surgery.

Wendy Milliron has been experiencing swelling in the retina of her eye. She will take eyes drops for 2 more months and get re-checked. 

Josephine Martin is having a heart stent put in on May 31. She's also having kidney and lung issues too.

Lenore Burger is having watchman surgery June 15 at LG.

Jim McGeorge is having some more health issues.

The Martin Family...death in the family. (This is Tonya Smoot's family)

Jace Harper a little 2 month recovering from covid.

Thaison Le (a senior student of Janet's) They've finally diagnosed his illness. It's an autoimmune system illness. He seems to be doing better but they say it will take him 6 months to fully recover.

Debbie Bratton  is going to have to go through some testing to try and find out why she's been blacking out.

Pam Weaver (Linda Deisher's daughter) is still fighting covid - very congested and sore throat. 

Pat Donahue  recovering from her 2nd carotid artery surgery. Danny has been doing a little better.

Waylon Gilbert is home now with a feeding tube.

Gene Thompson having his infusion treatment at Duke June 17.

Pennie Dodge recovering from breaking her ankle. Starting rehab and goes back to the orthopedic next month. Still in a boot.

Unspoken request for Sandra Austin's nephew Preston.

Diana Woods recovering from her MOH'S surgery recently.  

Sherry Kidd recovering from an infection around the lining of her heart.

Dale Firebaugh has lgG4 which attacks organs. There's no cure but it is treatable. He has cysts on both kidneys, stomach and lymph nodules in his lungs. He'll be seeing a specialist for each.

Jennifer Sweeney still dealing with blood clots. She has a chemo treatment every weeks for 3 weeks, then she's off 1 week. 

Sandy Swann will be having a test to look in her stomach. She's still having stomach pains.

Debbie Broyles. They've diagnosed her skin problem - dermatomyositis. They don't know what causes it but the sun and high fructose sugar trigger the itching and rash. She's on some medications (1 they give cancer patients) and a cream and it seems to be helping. It is not curable but it is treatable. Doctor says will be a slow process and hopes to have her in remission in 3 years.

Sterling Broyles and several health issues. His kidney doctor took blood this morning to check his levels which have been high.

Marianne Reynolds' cancer is back. She's going through radiation treatments and taking a chemo pill for several weeks.

Freida and Bud Sarver is still waiting to get her leg pumps. Bud graduated from therapy last Friday!

Leanne & Mike Black special prayers needed.

Krystle Weaver...to finish her semester strong in dental hygiene school.

Kenaniah Kratt  has 1 more chemo treatments to go - every other week now since heavier dosage.

2 unspoken requests